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Clients have this to say...

"Each time I work with Sharon, I emerge feeling inspired. If you know Sharon, you will understand when I say she is magnetic, hyper-intelligent, charismatic and thoughtful. In my experience, Sharon loves process, and can also execute tasks as planned. She is a collaborator in the best sense of the word, and inspires all those fortunate enough to work with her to show up as their best selves. 

Sharon is one of my most valued thought partners; a fierce and loving activist, she gently calls me in, and values my full potential. Sharon encourages me to try on different perspectives, to develop my leadership and honor the gifts of those around me. As an added bonus, I always have fun working with Sharon; she is a joy to know, a visionary, and a gift to the anti-domestic violence field and beyond. Put simply, knowing Sharon makes me a better person and working with Sharon has made W.O.M.A.N., Inc. stronger and more focused on our goals. 

Working with her, in any capacity, will do the same for you and/or your organization. I can’t recommend her highly enough, or fully express my appreciation and gratitude for who she is in the world and in my life."

- Jill Zawisza, Executive Director, W.O.M.A.N., Inc. 

"I have been fortunate enough to call myself a co-conspirator of Sharon Turner’s and have learned much from her.  Sharon brings a breadth of experience — from her student organizer days and as a civil rights activist, to a globe-trotting student of strategies to address women’s health, gender-based violence, racial justice, and transformative justice, to her work with survivors & youth and young men of color — that enriches any space of which she is a part. In my work, I have experienced Sharon as the voice of conscience, of healing, of challenging us beyond our comfort zones to discover something different and exciting, of laughter and mischief and love, and of discovering talents and parts of ourselves that may otherwise have remained silent. It is this voice that has led projects to uplift truths and drive action to address black women’s health at the intersection of racial and gender justice, to uplift creative and artistic community organizing work to shift narratives around intimate partner violence, and to always remind us that play and healing must always be a part of our work.  To work with Sharon is a transformative moment in itself."

- Rabeya Sen, Director of Policy, Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, Board President of the California Partnership To End Domestic Violence

"I am so grateful to Sharon for helping me through a tough time at work.  She heard my concerns and helped guide me to a better place, all while allowing me to lead our work based on my needs.  She used exercises that helped me visualize a better place and how to get there.  I have come away from my work with Sharon more energized, focused, and with a set of tools to enable me to continue incorporating the work we did together into my daily life.  Sharon is kind, experienced, thoughtful, and nimble. I would highly recommend her to a friend or a colleague.”


- Jen Hecht, Sr. Director of Program and Strategy

"Sharon is a fiercely compassionate coach. She has helped me see beyond what I believed is possible and also challenges what holds me back. I would describe her as the best travel companion on my journey to fulfill my destiny, showing me how to find my internal north star and challenging me to take the next step. Her playful spirit makes it such a joy. She has helped me deeply love my life - the best gift of all."

- Serian Strauss, Coach/Facilitator

Ready to Tie Your Life Experiences to Your Calling?


Curious? Find yourself yearning for something undefined?


Searching for how things might be different for your life now?


Struggling to identify just what is calling you forth, and what you are supposed to do?


If these questions trigger ripples of thoughts within you, it may be a sign that you’re at the threshold of contemplating change... or in the midst of it!


I invite you to contact me via the form below. Let’s take the Next Step towards your true calling and full potential!

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