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Step bravely into alignment with your aspirations, purpose, and creativity!

Coaching Through Transitions and Change
Next Step Coaching helps clarify and align your needs and values to better define your life or organizational purpose. Whether contemplating or in the midst of changes related to:
  • a job
  • school
  • family
  • organizational restructuring
  • retirement
  • and more
  • or not in your ideal life whatsoever
Next Step coaching will journey through these major decisions with you emerging to a clear purpose.
Organizational Facilitation
Next Step Coaching assists in centering your organization toward what may appear as an unattainable goal or vision. Offerings include:
  • Custom designed facilitation and processes for organizations interested in strategic
  • planning
  • Program design and innovation
  • Project development
  • Organization culture shaping are available
Liberation Pilgrimage for Social Justice Leaders
The Next Step Annual Liberation Retreat is designed to promote dialogue, understanding, and connection between intergenerational leaders. The retreat will rejuvenate leaders using a combination of storytelling, mythology frameworks, rituals and ceremonies, music, personal time and travels to nearby justice organizations, historical landmarks.
Leadership Development
The Next Step Leadership Development Program provides frameworks and skills strengthening that improves the capacity of individuals and organizations to confidently lead. The Program is customized to meet overall organizational goals as they pertain to the opportunities and challenges of the new century’s changing environment.

Ready to Tie Your Life Experiences to Your Calling?


Curious? Find yourself yearning for something undefined?


Searching for how things might be different for your life now?


Struggling to identify just what is calling you forth, and what you are supposed to do?


If these questions trigger ripples of thoughts within you, it may be a sign that you’re at the threshold of contemplating change... or in the midst of it!


I invite you to contact me via the form below. Let’s take the Next Step towards your true calling and full potential!

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