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Who and What Inspires You?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Recently, during an intake conversation with a new coaching client, she asked a simple, yet, profoundly unsettling question…which was, “Who inspires you?” For whatever reason, I was momentarily caught off guard about how to answer.

I realized that I was attempting to answer a question that has many layers, many stories, and many people or situations. E.g. was I going to answer the who and what at that very moment? The person who’d been my inspiration for the past year—or thirty years? A famous inspiring person? A leader? ordinary person that I’d just met on the street who was overcoming some obstacles, a young person? All of these possibilities were sending my circuits into overload as I realized, that there are so many people or situations that inspire me on a daily basis. I could not pick just one. In the moment, I chose two people to share. I realized that I could easily add many more. I also realized that often times I am inspired by a news event that I hear about children, whether it be the joy they express when they see a friend, their care for the less fortunate in the world or their display of courage when facing a personal hardship.

With this blog I hope to share some inspiration with you, whether it be a story that I’ve heard recently, something that has happened with me…and/or a lesson learned—in the journey towards creating a just world. Why are reflections on inspiration important?

Inspiration is about hope. I am hopeful. Inspiration reminds us of our true purpose in life. I hope to inspire others to live their fullest life and chase their wildest dreams. Inspiration propels us to see to new possibilities. Inspiration transforms the way in which we perceive our own capabilities. Inspiration is like a thirsty garden, waiting to be sowed, weeded, fertilized, and watered. It is a hunger for living, participating in one’s life…and sharing the abundance of fruits that come tending to our own internal gardens.

I saw a video on YouTube recently. It’s about two toddlers Maxwell and Finnegan who are both two years old. Maxwell is African American. Finnegan is Caucasian. What is so enduring about this short video is the way that they greet each other. Can you imagine being on the streets of New York City or Oakland for that matter—and witnessing two little guys in their striped shirts and dark pants, both running as fast as their little legs will carry them, both with arms wide open, both squealing for joy at the sight of the other, both giving each other a hug and speaking in a language that they understand, and both sharing with each other. That’s inspiration. Inspiration for having unconditional love in our life..knowing that we belong.

I have watched this clip several times..and when I think of it…I am reminded of a snapshot from my early childhood where I have on my favorite red tartan dress—twirling round and round…knowing that I was meant to be in the world…and having the biggest smile in the world…and inviting others to join with me in the twirling of life. Inviting each of you to awake to the possibility of finding those daily moments of inspiration.

Questions to consider: What does inspiration mean to you? How are you inspired on a regular basis? What do you do with those moments of inspiration?

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1 Comment

Sharon-you inspire me. Beautiful website and very powerful message about inspiration, hope and reminding us to think about "who inspires us?"

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