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Step Into Your Full Potential!

Give Yourself Permission to Take an Empowering Next Step

Choices, decisions, and life-changing events shape and reshape our lives daily. Some are intentional, others are accidental. At some point, a key decision faces us that may feel insurmountable and debilitating, where taking the easy way seems the only way. The result may lead further away from your true potential. 

Hi, I’m Sharon. I create safe spaces to enable individuals and groups realize the personal or organizational transformation they seek to achieve their true potential. My coaching and facilitation comes from more than 40 years of leadership, management, and grassroots level involvement.

What The Next Step can do for you:

For Individuals


  • Increase awareness of habits that keep you stuck in everyday routines.

  • Guide individuals through mental blocks and inaction to identify, refine and commit to their values.

  • Define personal goals and align with opportunities.


For Leaders


  • Enable leaders and leaders-to-be in recognizing and unlocking the skills to construct a fulfilling work and personal life.

  • Set up customized frameworks according to your vision and goals that help elevate your unique and effective leadership style.

  • Usher social justice leaders through the process of transformative leadership, building viable and sustainable communities within organizations and across generations.


For Organizations


  • Strengthen connections between individuals and organizational structures for best outcomes within the community served.

  • Steer newly merged organizations through roadblocks to achieve organization change initiatives.

  • Explore new ways of operating that allows the organization to step fully into its potential.

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Coaching Through Transition
and Change
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Organizational Facilitation
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Liberation Pilgrimage for Social Justice Leaders 
Leadership Development


Ready to manifest your vision, but feel blocked, stuck, not qualified or deserving, and can’t seem to move forward? Contact me today! Let’s work together to move beyond hurdles and craft a more fulfilling life plan.

Oakland, California

Tel: 510-459-5172

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